Thursday, August 28, 2014

Blogging with My Daughter!

This summer my 12 year old daughter Gigi started a blog to reflect on her summer adventures (  It has been such an amazing experience that I was compelled to let others know about the benefits I have seen. As a parent and an educator it has warmed my heart to have deep conversations about writing, reflecting, and questioning to spark her creative juices! I am able to model it to her as I blog and share my thoughts with her.

Her blogging started with simply keeping a journal. I just asked her to reflect in a way that would speak to others. My mom and I helped her structure her writing through showing her examples and reviewing other blogs. At first she wasn't sure what she would write about or how to focus her writing. We guided her through questioning. What was your favorite thing that happened today? Who was there that made it special? How did it make you feel when that happened?  She would get frustrated with me at times and say things like, " Just tell me what to write about!!" This would just lead to more conversation and encouragement. Sometimes I would just tell her to write what ever she was thinking right then, (even if it was blah bla blah) eventually it would turn into something. 

There are many platforms that can be used for blogging such as Blogger, Weebly, Wixx, Kidblog, and Edmodo to name a few. I would encourage you to explore several options with your child to decide which format will suite them the best. 

Encouraging my daughter to blog was something I felt would benefit her. It was a way to keep her writing skills in tact over the summer and help her see the value of writing outside of the classroom. It has been wonderful as a parent to see life through the lense of my child. Over the school year she is going to try and post 1 entry every 2 weeks. I am excited to see all the wonderful things she will share with the world!